We supercharge brands. With the right impetus, creative force and a huge dose of energy, we get straight to the heart of every case and work a little magic. From a basis of super-slick organization we translate the concept into highly potent lines of communication. From house style to campaign and from photography to film. We're always looking for the question behind the question. Don't expect any yes-men: we're quite opinionated. But this is what leads to the best results. This is how we can get to the core of the matter, together with you. Every time.


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Brand Activation        Shopper Activation

Brand & Shopper Activation

Brand Activation

We activate brands. Leave an incredible impression behind you and 'get Holland moving' like Olga Commandeur. Preferably with a catchy, creative concept as an exciting starting point. Together we'll select the relevant moments and consider the best locations. Add a handful of dynamic promotors to make your brand shine, and we're certain that you'll never do without us again!

Shopper Activation

We activate shoppers. Because ultimately you're judged on concrete results. We don't shy away from this. The success of the idea lies in the right mechanism of action which will then have an effective impact. Timing is crucial in this. Find the right moment to activate in the customer journey, and traffic and sales will follow automatically. It sounds simple. And it is.

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Kinetic Partnership

Kinetic, part of WPP and Out of Home specialist Kinetic Worldwide, works in the Benelux exclusively with Megawatt Field Marketing as specialist in the area of promotion and activation of client portfolios. In the next few years, Kinetic and Megawatt want to further develop their advisory role in the field of brand and shopper activation. With this unique collaboration Kinetic has brought in house our creativity, conceptual impact and full scale execution of campaigns. This is something we're super proud of. For Megawatt, location based intelligence and optimal integration of brand and shopper activation in the media mix are important additions to the knowledge and expertise required to be able to 'supercharge' brands even better.


Netflix_Orange is the new Black

Netflix Binge watchers had been waiting for this for a while; Orange is the new Black season 6. It was our challenge to further boost this hype. So, before the release we drove through the country with an American school bus in which you could watch the new trailer, have a 'mugshot' taken or get a fake tattoo.

Fisherman's Friend_FF Doorbijten

Repositioning, rebranding and commercial by Megawatt Advertising and sampling campaign by Megawatt Fieldmarketing. A successful example of the combination of two inspired agencies. We distributed a total of 200,000 samples at AH to go, Spar University and retail, advertising and media agencies. Consumers were able to choose their 'doorbijt' moment via iPad and were in with a chance to win great prizes.

To launch ERDEM x H&M we created this one of a kind maze @ Rotterdam Central. Bringing campaign and collection alive through beautiful visuals, fresh flowers and dynamic designs.

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Swinckels' asked us to come up with an idea for their 'Inner Voice' dinners at High End restaurants hosted throughout the country. From invite to dessert, we made it work.

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Ben Stiller set a Guinness World Record for the longest Selfie Stick during the premiere of Zoolander 2 in February 2016. We think that ours could be the biggest in the world. We devised and developed this interactive eye-catcher especially for the Press group.

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