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We supercharge brands. With the right impetus, creative force and a huge dose of energy, we get straight to the heart of every case and work a little magic. From a basis of super-slick organization we translate the concept into highly potent lines of communication. From house style to campaign and from photography to film. We're always looking for the question behind the question. Don't expect any yes-men: we're quite opinionated. But this is what leads to the best results. This is how we can get to the core of the matter, together with you. Every time.


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Vogel's_Introduction SAVA smart AV accessoires

'We all use electronic devices to watch, listen and play content, everyday. That goes for both your brand new flatscreen TV as well as that long cherished stereo set, VHS player or legacy game console. Combining these devices into a single system creates an even richer AV experience.'

'Strong stuff, that Fisherman's Friend'. This is anchored in the minds of many Dutch people. 
But the campaign and the slogan had become a little tired. Fisherman's Friend was becoming increasingly associated with; 'Oh yeah, that's what Dad sometimes pulls out of his pocket'. So, time for a breath of fresh air, a new direction. With 'FF Doorbijten' we delivered the winning pitch.

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Korein Groep_Wij Zijn Jong

Korein Groep stands for Day-Care in the Eindhoven region. But if you help adolescents as well as small children... Not just caring for them but also helping them to grow and develop. And if you actually work all over the Netherlands... Then it is time for a new, contemporary and fitting identity. So Korein Groep was supercharged into Wij zijn JONG (We are YOUNG). 

To launch ERDEM x H&M we created this one of a kind maze @ Rotterdam Central. Bringing campaign and collection alive through beautiful visuals, fresh flowers and dynamic designs.

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Swinckels' asked us to come up with an idea for their 'Inner Voice' dinners at High End restaurants hosted throughout the country. From invite to dessert, we made it work.

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A smart strategy and catchy concept convinced the MarCom team of Philips Lighting to choose for a collaboration with 'dark horse' Megawatt Advertising. With the tagline 'Right first time', Philips Lighting shows why it is so important for engineers all over the world to make sure they do a good job in one go.

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This high-tech solution creates the perfect ambiance for a star restaurant, hip boutique or high-end hotel room. _Advertising developed the communication toolkit for the global introduction, including design and production of over 2200 demo kits for 24 countries. Amen.

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